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Circle the Woods

Circle the Woods_album by Maria Elizabeth_Photo by Gorm Valentin_Art Design by Lisbeth Damgaard

The songs on the album, ”Circle the Woods”


  • Are inspired by and generally written directly from the book “Circling San Francisco Bay” by Eco Psychologist, Ginny Anderson, California, US.


  • Received a four-star review from renowned Danish Music Magazine GAFFA


  • Received airplay on the Danish National Radio with no less than four singles


  • Were presented at the TV station MidPen Music, California, in collaboration with Ginny Anderson. The program was nominated for the WAVE Award in the category “Spiritual and inspirational”


  • Were recorded and produced in collaboration with Danish producer, Henrik Balling (of the band “Gangway”), who also co-wrote two songs.


  • Are focused on a spiritual approach to Nature

"Circle the Woods" was kindly supported by: The Danish Art´s Council, DPA, DMF, KODA, The Society for Nature Conservation in Denmark, Vallø Castle, Stevns Kommune.

Maria Elizabeth_Photo by Gorm Valentin

Video in Danish

Click picture to watch video in Danish about "Circle the Woods" and concerts held in Nature.

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Maria Elizabeth_photo by Gorm Valentin

In the book “Circling San Francisco Bay” Ginny Anderson discusses her experiences with clients walking the seven mountains surrounding San Francisco and how their sensitivity while walking helps them transform emotions, heal health and thoughts. Ginny, who has lived with South- and North American Natives, has been given the title “Female Shaman”, and has a remarkable ability to combine traditional psychology with a spiritual approach. Ginny Anderson received her Degree as a psychologist from Stanford University, California.


Before beginning recordings with producer, Henrik Balling, Maria Elizabeth travelled to Austin, Texas, for a songwriting retreat, performing at “Tom´s Tabooley” in Austin, meeting afterwards with Ginny Anderson in California walking with the author on Bald Mountain, the mountain which by Native American tripes is called Umunhum.

“Circle the Woods” was recorded in Copenhagen from 2015 – 2018 in collaboration with producer and songwriter, Henrik Balling of the band “Gangway”.

Circles_Gorm11 (3)_edited.jpg
Text about the Eucalyptus from Ginny Anderson´s book "Circling San Franciso Bay" which became the song "Eucalyptus Grove"
Maria Elizabeth and bass player, Mikkel Riber

Click picture and watch video "The Wanderer" featuring Mikkel Riber.

Maria Elizabeth in the studio _ photo by Søren Hald
Violinist Andreas Tophøj in the studio_photo by Søren Hald
Maria Elizabeth and Henrik Balling in the studio_photo by Søren Hald
Article from the newspaper "Kristelig Dagblad"
Article from the newspaper Jyllandsposten with biologist Rasmus Ejrnæs on concerts in Nature
Maria Elizabeth at MidPen Media California

Maria Elizabeth at MidPen Media for broadcast with author Ginny Anderson on "Circle the Woods", relationship with Nature and the Viking myth of Yddrasil. Click on picture to watch video from 2018.

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